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Face Mask Pattern & Instructions

For two years, this sewing project consumed the winter months opposite the outdoor painting season.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us who sew began to make face masks for front line workers as well as friends and family during this time of supply shortages.

I developed a functional design that cups your face rather than presses down on the nose and mouth, yet remains snug on all sides for optimum protection.

And let’s do it with the coolest fabrics on hand at the house!

All my masks are structurally identical, with standard and small sizes, but the many fabrics are yours to choose! See the catalogue for available combinations.

The video below shows how the Artgoddess mask is worn with a cord that runs behind both your neck and head, never has to be untied, and leaves your ears free!

I would like to share my pattern with others. It is suitable for those with more advanced sewing experience, but anyone could try!

See the Instructions here

See the Pattern and T-shirt cord description here